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Introducing RealPlacez

RealPlacez is a location-based photosharing community that allows you to connect your experiences to places in any part of the world - whether at home, in the tropical keys of Maui, Disney Land, or simply your backyard. The theme of RealPlacez is to tie your memories with the different places you go. No matter where you are in the world, you possess a uniqueness that only you have - our platform allows you to showcase that uniqueness via HQ photos and videos. Check out some of the features!


Home Stream

Your Home Stream is where you'll see a continuous stream of photos and videos of all the accounts you have Starred (“starred” means “follow”. Yeah, because we don’t really like using the term “follower”, so we coined the term “star” for this feature. You’ll notice a Star at the top corner of every post) So, back to the Home Stream: Our simplistic, yet beautiful bold designed Home Stream allows you to view non-stop enlarged high quality photos and videos of your favorite people, brands, and places. Yeah, it’s really simple!



Discover various people, brands, and places on the Explore page.


Custom Locations

Use Custom Location feature when uploading your post to allow your friends to easily find photos and videos of your specific location with a simple tap at the bottom of your posts. It sort of works like hashtags, but it’s location-based. This feature is great for things like parties, events, meetings, weddings, and secret places that you only want your friends to see posts of. Actually, it works for really anything or any place that you want to customize.



Select different filters to enhance and add depth to your photos and videos to capture the essence of each memory you make.


...because life happens so fast and photos capture memories forever.



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