About Us

RealPlacez is a location-based photosharing app that allows people, brands, and businesses to showcase and discover things and places of interest via HQ photos and videos. The app provides a real-time display of people’s views and experiences through photography and videography. RealPlacez is also a top destination for users to shop their favorite brands.

Features include a simplified Home Stream, which displays a continuous real-time stream of photos and videos from a user’s choice of unlimited accounts. The Shop feature allows users to shop all types of brands by simply tapping an item seen in a photo or video making it easy to have access to purchase items online and/or in-store. Users are also able to find a myriad of content from around the world on the Explore page. Our core focus is to accumulate visuals in the form of photography and videography to have a place where everyone can get a glimpse into any part of the world at their fingertip. Using GPS technology makes it simple to find all types of places (and items inside places). Our GPS feature maximizes the ability to capture a real-life insight of people’s experiences anywhere on the planet. It also allows RealPlacez to exhibit a countless variety of brands that people use and shop everyday.

RealPlacez was created to offer a worldwide platform for people to discover and share different experiences from literally anywhere. Our goal is to bridge the gap between businesses, brands, and people – to get people to interact in-person and online simultaneously. Our aim is to be the “go-to” app for people that want to have instant access to all types of places, retail stores, brands, and events imaginable – our platform is designed to make this happen.