Q: Is it free to use this app?
A: Yes. RealPlacez will ALWAYS be free of charge for everyone! We will never charge to use our services.

Q: I don’t see my favorite brand.
A: We form partnerships everyday with brands we love. If you don’t see your favorite brand, please contact us using the Contact Us form. We will try our best to bring you the brands you love.

Q: Is my information safe to make purchases via app?
A: Yes. Our website and app adheres to all required security measures. We adhere to all guidelines to ensure your payments are processed securely to provide a safe and fun shopping experience. When you see the secured lock icon at the top of the site you’re purchasing from, this means your information is 100% protected and secure.

Q: How do I customize my location?
A: Customize your location by:

  1. Tapping “Add Location”
  2. Enter actual location (eg: 40/40 Club, New York, NY)
  3. Tap the red location icon in the right bottom corner of your post
  4. Enter your Custom Location name (eg: Kim’s 21 st Birthday Bash)
  5. Press Confirm
This feature allows you and others that have starred your account to view all posts under your specific customized location.

Q: Does my location have to always stay on?
A: No. You can always turn your location off, however, we recommend keeping your location on while using RealPlacez. This allows you to find places and things of interest more easily.

Q: How do I find places?
A: To find places, simply go to the Explore page and tap the Places tab. Search any place and photos and videos will show up for the place you’ve searched for. FUN FACT: You can also tap the location at the bottom of any post and view all photos and videos that were taken at that particular location.

Q: How long can videos be?
A: Currently, videos can be up to 30 seconds. We may add more video length in the near future.